My Birthday Hangout on Monday


Pretty image and quote from cherrybam 🙂

I feel like I should be following this quote and take its meaning to heart. ya know? 

Ohh goshh, I hope I can make it work (@x@)ahhh..I need to clean up the whole house Geez. This is the first time I am inviting my friends over at my place (okay it’s not the first time but the last time was in kindergartner but now I am a high school senior). That and I am turning 18 xD I should be happpy right? But somehow, I just feel like I losing a huge part of myself, now that I am growing older lolz this is funny cuz I usually tell my friends that I feel like an old lady but somehow I feel like a 12 year old.

I will be turning 18 xD Why did I say it again? Cuz I am weirdo xD I feel kinda old already >.< It’s gonna be fun on Monday cuz I am inviting some my good friends over to celebrate and hangout 🙂 Get to hang out with my fav. people~ And tuesday of course ES Mi Cumpleanos :3 Wahoo ~ Hopefully this year, will be better than last year. I just wish I could see this one person for once, I haven’t seen him in the longest time. Even though everything between me and him is shattered and crappy, I still wanna see him so I can move on with my life. And No he’s not my boyfriend but he did used to be my hero and my favorite person in life, someone who make me happy. Hmm, the last time I saw him was at his sister’s wedding, I learnt couple weeks ago he didn’t live in LA but actually live in Rancho Cordova =3= all this time—bout couple hours drive where I live. Sighh…what does this mean? He coulda visited me anytime but the fact he doesn’t, it goes to show one should not care more for another person for the fact he/she could care less about you. Don’t open one’s heart too wide for anyone at all, best to keep it close and tight ly guarded to oneself or in the end the one hurt will be you. Just a lesson out of my life so far. Good advice? Non? Disagree?


ohmahgawd x3 are you guys team Zombies or Unicorns? I am team Zombies all the way xD Zombies are so cool~ Doncha think?

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, school is taking such a toll on me. 

So sleepy and tired all the time.

But now is spring break whooo~ I blog more hopefully 😉 cuz there are a lot of events happening this week i believe besides my birthday~

O what this? Alice and MAD Hatter and friends 🙂 Tea partyyy! I would love to have a tea party just once in my life, how about you guys? I love drinking tea but there are so many flavors I have yet to buy * 0 *

Love Buttons

Thanks for reading my blog, it makes me really happy that there is someone out there who takes their time to actually read it ~

Your Truly,


New Song I Recently Discovered: “Your Heart Has No Place For A Monster Like Me”- SayWeCanFly

Check him out on Purevolume 🙂 You won’t regret it! Plus there are two of his songs for free whooo!

My Birthday Hangout on Monday

Lovely Poem I Found

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I am Afraid
You say that you love rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains…
You say that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines…
You say that you love the wind,
But you close your windows when wind blows…
This is why I am afraid;
You say that you love me too…
What a cute poem (at least to me it does ^^), it touches me right to my core. It relates to my personal life of my understanding towards love. To be honest, in the subject of love, it is so abstract and frivolous however it can be straightforward in the way how someone may feel. Although I don’t have any experience in love, I can also see that love is so complex and can make a person all mixed up like a tornado. With love there is so many other feelings too e.g. jealousy. I think out of all my good friend group the only person who is actually dating is my friend Hoang. He and his girlfriend Kim are so cute couple err well Kim’s cute, not sure about H. Lmao but seriously they have been dating since sophomore year and now we’re seniors; it’s pretty amazing *0*.

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I want a relationship like that ❤ hopefully in the future~ Two my best friends said I would be the first in our group to have a boyfriend. (; ̄Д ̄) YEAH right! I mean really? I think both of my friends are real pretty~ (☆^O^☆) compared to me~ Not to mention there are alot of people who meets me for the first time think I am a little kid [○・`Д´・○] So annoying I am gonna be 18 soon. Not to mention I ask several of my classmates/friends ‘if you didn’t know i (aka me (ange)) was a high school student what kind of student do you think I would be in?’  They all said ‘Elementary student’ .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.I mean reallyy?!? fufufu I am so saddd…I am just a kid to them except for the fact I am older than more than half of them >3> I guess I know the type of guys who would be interested in me are pedos. lmao just kidding ;p And weirdos, somehow I always managed to attract a weirdo each year ⊙▂⊙ thank goodness they lose interest cuz of my awesome skillz of rejecting them. But this year I think it is harder since I nearly have the same schedule as him. To be honest I thought this dude like my best friend but somehow it’s directed to me instead? must be karma I was laughing and smirking at my friend when the dude was trying to her attention…I mean seriously out of all the female pop of my school he likes an eccentric person like myself. Something is wrong with him…and the past guys who liked me too. To be honest, he almost got me–luckily he’s a not a man to words.  He once said something along the lines like wanting to be my hero and saving me in this card game (i was seriously losing =.=||, never play with 13 with super smart asian dudes)–buncha BS to me >.> He saved himself in the card game thus I lost. Mmm, more about him later. I realizes that I can get really uncomfortable around guys…so much for a relationship…more on that later too.

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Night ~

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Thanks for Reading my boooring post^^ Have a Lolly

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Lovely Poem I Found

Back to School/ Office Aide

Hello (^ _ ^)/

How are you? School has been very tiresome for me, probably cuz I am used to sleeping until 10 ish when I am not learning to drive. Not to mention, on tuesday, the first day back to school, my english teacher made my class write a time essay. (▼へ▼メ)Are you kidding me?!? What the heck…yeah and additionally if it wasn’t bad enough today we had a 90+ multiple choice, but it doesn’t count for points. (* ̄m ̄) Waste of my life…But at least the topic I do get, we are supposed to write about this play called “Death of A Salesman” and explain why this should be called a tragedy. It was really interesting (。・ω・。) though muy triste (;へ:)In the depth of it, it’s true that even common simple man is fallible to the points of tragedy, not just the great men.

For this semester, I would be an Office Aide though I am starting to regret that I should have ask my art teacher if he want me as his aide. Humm, well it’s okay though, the office people are decent, so are my fellow office aides. Though today was really sad. (´∩`。) One of the office aide girl, Brenda (junior) found out today in first period (after teaching us novices how to get ices for the health office) her sister was ran over by a car on her way to high school. Her sister ended up in the E.R, and Brenda was really shaken up by it and she couldn’t focus on her filing so I help her do it.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say to her. I mean what could you possibly say to a person after her sister got ran over. I felt like a horrible person because of the lacking of words that I wish that I could have comfort her but I don’t know how to.. I just wish that I could have made it better but I guess it’s better than me saying something meaningless and superficial? mmhh…have you ever felt a lacking of what to say? just a loss of words? Then again, I have been a loner for 4 years–terrrible at conversations/comforting people. If you  were in my position what would you do?

Word of the Day: Oenophile (EE-nuh-fyl)

Meaning: (Noun) A person who enjoys wine, especially a connoisseur. From Greek “oinos” = wine and “phile” = love.

This reminds me of this television show called “The New Adventures of Old Christine” where the main character Christine goes through her life after a failed marriage and raising her son with comical antics/jokes/puns–her idiotic persona/demeanor really cracks me up. Not to mention how close-minded she really is, she also tries hard to pursue in love but it has failed multiple times, which made me realized it’s no wonder that she is an oenophile 😛

animated gifs pandas 6

chibi panda ~

Song of the Day: LM.C — OH MY JULIET

awesome song ~ that I have been listening to since 9th grade (^(I)^)

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more panda ❤

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Back to School/ Office Aide

Yule Log Cake/ Model Bridge

Aloha! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Have you ever heard of the Yule Log Cake? It is also know as Bûche de Noël( ´∀`)pronounced (BOOSH duh noh-EHL). It was created by a French pastry chef in late 18th century who came up with a great idea to replicate the yule log in the design of a cake. Yule log are used to carry out the tradition of celebrating Christmas and the winter solstice by burning the wooden log in the fireplace. It’s kind of similar to a roll cake, with it’s swirly shaped design.

My mom’s best friend, “auntie” bought a cake similar to the one below. I am so stupid, I was late to dinner and missed out on taking a picture on the cute yule log cake.(; ̄д ̄)Oh, well it’s okay I have some leftover of the cake ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ yay! The cake was certainly interesting, it was split into half: one part was chocolate and the other was green tea with sprinkles of azuki beans within the cream. Omg, I love both of them~ (´ ▽`).。o♡ For some reason, my family members and auntie said that the chocolate one taste really sweet? haha, am I the only who likes it? At first I couldn’t decide on which one to try first cuz I love drinking tea (●♡∀♡) ~ and I also love chocolate esp. dark chocolate ♡^▽^♡

The one my auntie bought was similar to this one~

Oho, so I ask my mom to give one to me randomly♪ So I got green tea XD Sorry for the crummy looking picture –I realized that my phone is terrrible at taking pictures (>人<)

It was actually pretty sweet of my auntie to buy this delicious yule log cake♬ Considering the fact that my dad is without a job, it made Christmas a bit cheerier 🙂 Hopefully my dad’s body can take speed recovery and get back to work ^^ If he doesn’t, then I might have to get a part-time job to help out the family. It would be a new experience though it might not be fun of course since it is work. ┐(‘~`;)┌

here’s is one side of my bridge, another to go!

My workspace is messy as you can see.

Work in Progress (´(エ)` )

This bridge is for MESA if you don’t know what MESA is, it stands for Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement it’s a program that help disadvantage students learn more bout math and science in a fun way~ (^(I)^) Also it helps students who want to become engineer, mathematician, or scientist; just so you know it’s not something I want to do in the future. fufufu(⌒▽⌒), I am just doing this for fun~

I once had a dream about becoming an architect–dreaming bout designing Gothic Architecture 。◕‿◕。

Now that I think about thoroughly, I am not sure if this is my passion 【・ヘ・?】I think all these drafting and blueprints of the design would drive me insane! My mom said if i made a  building of some sort, I would probably be risking peoples’ lives. (;¬д¬) What the heck?!? Sighh..hard to find some one who has faith in me and actually do believes in me, no matter what happen. If the people you trust can’t, who can you?

Anywho, have you heard of The Calling? If you haven’t check this song out 🙂 It’s called ‘Wherever You Will Go‘.  This is old song but one of my old favorite~ 

So cutee ❤

 Gotta Sleep, Byee (。-ω-)ノ

Yule Log Cake/ Model Bridge

My first post/ Merry Christmas!

Hello ( ゚▽゚)/

Thank you for checking out my new blog~ (^(エ)^)This is “Ruriyuki”, you can call me Agne (*pronounced Ange*)  (⌒▽⌒)☆  I am currently a high school senior who’s bout to graduate                        “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” I think I can say “Senioritis” has taken a hold on me (;¬_¬) , dang why did i have to take so many AP classes ・(/Д`)・ Gahh, I sure hope that I can get by next semester.


Aren’t these cute? I just found them (^(エ)^)

Anywho, MERRY CHRISTMAS~ or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holiday! This Christmas seems a bit bland and boring, mundane I must say (´A`。) It isn’t the same without my idiotic older cousin (he went oversea in Britain to study), somehow there is a lack of spirit and togetherness with my guy cousins w/o him…ehhh it’s isn’t to say I actually miss him. It is more like there is an emptiness in my grandparent’s place. Then again I was always a loner, fufufu( ´∀`) nothing new at all. Somehow without my older cousin, my younger guy cousins doesn’t wanna hang out with me ((´д`)) What the heck?!? Those punks…well I only wanna hang out with them to play a card game of 13. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Do you know how to play 13? It’s hecka fun~

This year I didn’t get to bake much, unless you count the times I cook in Cooking class. To be entirely honest, I absolutely loathe and detested that class (¬д¬。) The actual part where I get to cook is fun but the cleanliness of the place is disgusting (since I had it first period) dirty dishes in the sink, ants crawling around the kitchen station >.> Utterly filthy…I would never take that class ever again. Cooking was actually more of common sense and using your brain to follow directions; however it turns out some of my group members are terrrible at reading (¬、¬) Somehow we manage to pass the class for the quarters. Thank goodness for our final we can choose different groups \(^▽^@)ノ I was able to relax and chill out for once 🙂

Hmm, what else can I say about myself? Truthfully, I am not a normal person..but then again no one is perfectly normal, right? My good friends or what they like to called themselves my best friends –called me a weirdo, actually scratch that, one of my good friend said that I was #1 on her creepy friend list. (゜´Д`゜) What the…? Why do I deserved that when me and her know that one of other friends is way creepier than me. Screw that, hmm, I would describe myself as an eccentric, book lover (actually any book that’s interesting, also comics/mangas), sometime drama watcher, amateur artist, knitter/crocheter, a fan of anything cute/kawaii (´ ▽`).。o♡, music aficionado (。’▽’。)♡, tea lover and something other things as my hobbies. There is more things but I am sure I will blog more bout them.

New word that I learnt today 🙂                                                                                                               Lissotrichous (li-SO-tri-kuhs): Adj. Having straight or smooth hair. Origin: It comes from Greek; “lissos” = smooth and “thrix” = hair. Some related words are cymotrichous (having wavy hair), trichotillomania (the compulsion to pull out one’s hair), and its end result atrichia (baldness).

What a big word right? Sure, is interesting (´・ω・`) I need to keep up on my vocabulary, so that my brain won’t die out from the lack of learning. Hmm, I would say that my hair type can be describe as lissotrichous since I am Asian,  fufufu( ´∀`) of course that’s isn’t true for all Asian though majority do have lissotrichous hair.

This is actually something that i wanted to test out on my computer, so please don’t mind it. hahah I learnt how to type the word fruit in korean. How cool~

열매 = fruit~

Thanks again for reading my first post, until next time ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Look even more XD So cuteee~ 

My first post/ Merry Christmas!